AHQA Webinars

Infection Control and COVID-19: Lessons Learned in Nursing Homes and Beyond
presented by Doctors Without Borders (July 27, 2020)

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Managing Indirect Rates (June 30, 2015)

Managing indirect rates is more than applying a provisional billing rate to an invoice and waiting until your incurred cost audit is completed; it is a continuous process that requires attention. Jack Coviello and Noah Leiden will provide insight into the indirect rate life-cycle, the various factors impacting the life-cycle and what you can do to effectively manage rates. They will share our breadth of industry knowledge to bring you and your organization up to speed!

Costpoint — Tips and tricks that can be applied (May 28, 2015)

Operating a Costpoint system takes time, experience, and a whole lot of patience. Learning the core system functionality comes with on the job training and knowledge sharing amongst co-workers, but what about the shortcuts that could make your daily life easier? Join AHQA and Christine Trunnell and Susan Eggleston of Baker Tilly as we share insider tips on navigating and using Costpoint more efficiently.

Proposal Preparation – Effectively managing and preparing business proposals (April 16, 2015)

Far too often the business proposal is an afterthought and prepared without the proper collaboration or input from the technical team; which leads to inaccurate proposals, inadequate support, and incorrect pricing.  However, with the proper collaboration between technical and business proposal teams throughout the solicitation process, the business proposal process provides a tool to not only develop a price, but often to refine the technical approach. Noah Leiden will look at the importance of coordinating the dependencies of the technical and business teams; identifying the level of supporting documentation that should be included in business proposals and understanding the tools that can be utilized to prepare responsive business proposals.

Subcontract Management – Issues in identifying, awarding, and managing subcontractors (March 11, 2015)

Noah Leiden will focus on issues related to identifying, awarding and managing subcontractors. The QIN-QIO structure has created a number of subcontractor arrangements across the AHQA community and future task orders under the QIN IDIQs and other contracts are only likely to expand subcontracting opportunities and relationships. Whether or not your organization currently utilizes subcontractors or is a subcontractor, please plan to join this webinar to learn about things you need to look out for and understand about this topic.