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If you're feeling restless, jump up and do a quick stretch. This will get your blood to flowing!!
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Now that we've learned 10 tips to a healhier lifestyle, let's get to work!
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Tip 10b: An overall healthy lifestye can take time to creat. Set small, time-oriented goals and track your success.
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CMS Data: QIOs Improve Care

Infographic showing QIO quality improvements leading to cost savings

According to CMS reports, QIOs have helped lower hospital readmissions by 8 percent over the last five years. In 11 states, the rate of readmissions dropped by over 10 percent.

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The 11th SOW

On August 1, 2014, CMS began a new, five-year QIO contract cycle with a number of notable changes to the QIO Program. There are now QIOs solely dedicated to beneficiary and family-centered care or quality improvement technical assistance.
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