2018 Quality Summit Call for Abstracts

The Call for Abstracts for the 2018 Quality Summit presented by the American Health Quality Association (AHQA) is now CLOSED.  

Peer-led presentations provide attendees the opportunity for in-depth interaction and discussion with experts and researchers, including other quality contractors, who are offering to share best practices. The 2018 Quality Summit featured an expanded schedule of peer-led sessions highlighting success stories across the health quality improvement community.

Session Information

  • Abstracts are being accepted for concurrent sessions.

  • Concurrent sessions are 50 minutes long, including Q&A.

  • Presentations can be structured as single presenter or with multiple presenters.

  • Presentation emphasis should focus on practical lessons learned and solutions that attendees can adapt for use in their day-to-day work.

  • Sessions with presenters from multiple quality contractors are encouraged.

Conference Tracks

Content presentations are being accepted in the following 3 tracks:

  1. Innovations Track: This track will highlight innovative ways to utilize tools, technology, etc. to impact quality improvement work. We encourage contractors from across the QI spectrum to contribute content to this tack. Topics include, but are not limited to:

    •  Marketing

    • IT

    • Analytics

    • Skill building

  2. Quality Improvement Track: This track will highlight current quality improvement (QI) work, as well as QI work likely to be part of the next umbrella contract. We encourage contractors from across the QI spectrum to contribute content to this tack. Topics include, but are not limited to:

    • Current QI work

    • QI work likely to be part of the NQIIC

    • Lean

    • Other QI models

    •  Beneficiary engagement

    • Health disparities/equity

    • Cultural competencies

  3. Leadership Track: This track will focus on organizational-level issues affecting QI contractors across contract type. We encourage contractors from across the QI spectrum to contribute content to this tack. Topics include, but are not limited to:

    •  Workforce/resource management

    •  Project management

    •  Community engagement

    •  Collaboration

    •  Lean

    •  Continuous organizational learning.

Other ideas for session content related to the tracks above are welcome.

Evaluation Criteria

Five criteria will be used to evaluate abstracts:

  1.  Clarity and organization:  Submissions should present topics/ideas in a logical, easy-to-follow format. Abstract titles should be brief, clearly indicating the nature of the topic. Text should be proofread to ensure accuracy.   

  2.  Relevance of topic to discipline:  Presentations should address the immediate concerns of the discipline and advance the knowledge of attendees.

  3.  Innovation and originality:  Information should be new to the audience and offer functional solutions to real-life challenges.

  4.  Practicality and value:  Demonstrate quantified improvement: outcomes, lives saved, dollars saved, accidents prevented. Include successes, failures, lessons learned, and practical strategies that can be “taken home” and applied.

  5.  Quality of data and methodology:  Experimental and analytical methodologies and data should be defensible. Research should be complete or nearly complete.

Submission Process and Deadline

To be considered for presentation, your submission must be received by 11:59 p.m. ET on Tuesday, January 9, 2018. Abstracts must be submitted online. Late submissions will not be considered. Submissions will be reviewed by a committee, which consists of quality contractors from throughout the country.

Additional Presenter Information

  • Presenters wishing to attend the conference are required to pay meeting registration fees and all other expenses involved with attending the 2018 Quality Summit, in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Presenters must provide an electronic copy of slides a minimum of seven (7) days ahead of the conference if they wish presentations to be loaded in to the appropriate laptop at the conference.  Presenters should also bring a copy of their presentation on USB to the conference. This is very important in case of technical difficulties or other logistical problems.
  • The 2018 Quality Summit is a paper-lite event. Hard copies of presentations will not be distributed on-site; however presenters are permitted to bring their own copies for distribution to attendees in their session. All presentations will be posted to the AHQA web site; attendees can access the presentations there.
  • Wireless internet will be provided in the meeting rooms.

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